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Skope Magazine Review

By Skope You be hard press to find something negative to say about Sasha’s Bloc. They’ve honed their old school jazz and swing sound to a fine art, and deliver it perfectly in their new album. Founded three years ago by Alexander Gershman, the bassist, the band combines a wide[…]

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Indie Music Reviews – Heart on Fire

by Robert Fulford  Music like this is rarer and rarer. By 2015, big band and ragtime influenced jazz is commercially dead. Other genres have long since occupied its position as America’s foremost popular music and consigned jazz to the realm of soundtracks and waiting room music. After a decade and[…]

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Sasha’s Bloc + Jane Monheit, “Feels Like Jazz” (2015): Exclusive Something Else! stream

Take a pre-war jazz era-inspired journey with this exclusive advance stream from Heart on Fire, the new album from Sasha’s Bloc. This West Coast jazz collective, led by songwriting bassist Alex Gershman, is joined by Grammy-nominated guest vocalist Jane Monheit on the darkly intriguing “Feels Like Jazz.” Sasha’s Bloc cites[…]

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