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Heart on Fire CD – Sasha’s Bloc


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Media Has High Praise For – Sasha’s Bloc’s Heart On Fire

“The whole album is enjoyably listenable throughout–a rarity in today’s hit single

obsessed world…” -Mark Weber Music Blog

“Sunday Blues” is a proper jazz/blues track that effectively highlights all the talents of

the band and the sultry and sublime vocals of Jane Monheit.” –Rate The Tracks

“Not only did Alex write great songs, the artists making up the collective give the music

just the right touch.” -BVS Reviews

“Sasha’s Bloc’s Heart On Fire is an amazing piece of music…” –Indiemunity

“The production is classy, never rendering a digital fakeness to the proceedings and

the musicians are certainly in the upper echelon judged by our standards now.” –Gas

House Radio

“The variety, writing and playing is second to none, resulting in songs that one can

enjoy again and again.” –All What’s Rock

“Many of the players and vocalists participating on this project are excellent musical

talents, but another defining element of this release is its intelligence and tastefulness.”

–Rock N’ Roll View

“Sasha’s Bloc is a very talented and well-rounded group. They’re different and that’s

what gets recognition in the music industry. The fact that all of Sasha’s Bloc’s songs

sound slightly different is a great thing.” –Indie Artists Alliance

“Feels Like Jazz” by Sasha’s Bloc earns it place on your iPod by being what it intends to

be: simple jazz fun.” –Gig Band

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