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Sasha’s Bloc – Runaway Blue – Review by Beach Sloth

Sasha’s Bloc – Runaway Blues

Silky smooth, Sasha’s Bloc creates a swinging sound on “Runaway Blues”. Weaving together a wide variety of styles from blues to jazz to even a little bit of swing, everything comes together in such vibrant ways. “Runaway Blues” evolves effortlessly, touching upon the absolutely subdued to the celebratory. By letting these elements combine in a myriad amount of ways Sasha’s Bloc is able to explore a great many textures into the overall mix.
Opening up with a luxurious wordless chorus the song truly gets started once that pristine voice enters into the fray. Sung with great emotional heft the lyrics focus on what it means to leave, to try and reinvent oneself. By escaping one is unable to truly discover themselves, leaving so much else behind in the dust. As the vocals continue the band comes into full swing, with loose drumming and glistening keyboards entering into the mix. The chorus does particularly fine offering the right amount of punctuation throughout the piece. About halfway through the piece things move into more intense territory as the rhythm grows in power. Melodies shine through as the fanfare proceeds to move the song into a completely triumphant sound. Towards the end of the piece Sasha’s Bloc moves once more into the blues as the tempo slows down and the lyrics return towards the introspective. Everything comes together one final time before the song simply fades away into soft tender textures.
“Runaway Blues” shows off the impeccable chops of Sasha’s Bloc.

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