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by  Cassandra Walker

Break out the bathtub gin, because we are about to have a party!!!  “Melancholy” by Sasha’s Bloc is this group’s freshman release and it pays tribute to the music of the 1920’s and 30’s. Being a fan of that period of music, this CD was such a treat for me to hear. Listening to it, I was transported back to the days of speakeasy’s and prohibition.


This group was the brain child and concept of bassist Alexander Gershman, who wanted to honor the jazz music of that era.  He assembled a collection of musicians to make his dream become a reality.  All of the songs are original compositions written by Gershman and Carina Cooper, who is also a very talented vocalist as well.


The CD opens with the upbeat “I’m So In Love” which you simply can’t sit still and listen to.  Your feet will be tapping and your fingers will be snapping.  I was wondering where my old flapper dress was to get myself even more in the mood of this wonderful album (just kidding, I am not that old!)

“Playful Blues” features the vocals of Will Wheaton and what a distinct pleasure it was listening to him sing.  His raspy baritone vocals tell the story of a man asking for forgiveness from his love.  This song was one of my favorites on the CD.  He is accompanied by sax, piano and guitar each taking their opportunity in the song to shine.

Other songs I loved include “Melancholy” featuring Maxayn Lewis on vocals.  Her voice reminds me the jazz singers of that era.  “Joke” and “Universal Swing” are two other tracks that are not to be missed.

I definitely recommend this highly entertaining CD.

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